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   Shalla's Blacklists - Licence

Shalla's Blacklists does not only live from our work but from the many contributions we receive. In the light of this the following licence apply:
  1. Private usage:
    Home users may use the lists free of charge and without registration (i.e. signing a usage contract). Yet you can apply for a registration if you want to. See the notes under Registration for details and benefits.
    The lists are for private use only and must not be given away to any third party.
    Unregistered user can obtain updates once a month.

  2. Schools (public/non commercial):
    Although usage in schools is not private usage the licence conditions for private usage apply.
    Anyhow, for commercially orientated schools like private or business schools the licence conditions under point 3 "Companies, Institutions and Goverment" apply.

  3. Companies, Institutions and Goverment:
    The usage of Shalla's Blacklists within companies, institutions or government agencies are considered commercial usage in the sense that it is not private but part of the business (restricting access to the internet to the employees).
    The lists may be used free of charge but companies, institutions and government agencies have to register by signing a usage contract. The usage contract can be obtained by sending mail to info (at) shalla.de.
    The lists are for internal use only and must not be given away to any third party.

  4. Resellers:
    The reseller licence applies to the following scenarios:
    1. Shalla's Blacklists are sold (complete or parts of it, pure or mixed with entries of other list collections).
    2. Shalla's Blacklists are integrated into a commercial product/services.
    3. Shalla's Blacklists are integrated into products and services that can be used commercially.
    For this kind of usage an annual fee is charged. Please contact info (at) shalla.de for more information.


Registration requires signing a usage contract and sending back a signed copy to Shalla Secure Services (either via post, mail or fax). The usage contract basically make statements about the above mentioned restrictions of using the lists and regulates the handling of list errors.
In order to register for using Shalla's Blacklists please send mail to info (at) shalla.de.

  • You will be informed by mail of any upcoming changes of the lists such as new categries, split/merge/deletion of categories and (planned) maintainance outages.
  • Any submission from registered users are processed with a higher priority.
  • In case any anomalies are detected when accessing our site (excessive downoads, attacks) registered users will be contacted to clear the situation. Users without an registration will silently be blocked.

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