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   Shalla's Blacklists - Helper Scripts

In order to automatically fetch and install the blacklists the following scrips have been submitted in the hope to be useful for other people as well:
from kapi: shalla_update.sh MD5: 942387b767e3cdb96372feb4182e6046
from Len Tucker:
(based on the script from kapi but updating with diff files)
shalla_update.v2.sh MD5: 67374a1c428da875b6cf82c651d40801
from Steve Olive: blacklists.sh MD5: 1979108652a3347759cefca96d3d6940
from evilghost:
(small script checking for the md5 sum before updating)
shalla-update-md5.sh MD5: d07181d361bcca579fae87a7085daf6e
from Remigio Conti:
(script to download and update via diff and patch the shallalist into dansguardian with handle of the #listcategory: line and error report via mail; last update 18.11.2010)
updshalla.tgz MD5: bc98e2ba2d679d3b2f663775f4c09c06

Please check the scripts for required changes before you apply them!

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