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   Shalla's Blacklists - FAQ

How often are the lists updated?

The lists are usually updated on a daily base. Yet there are times when no updates are done for a couple of days (usually not more than three days).

How often can I download the lists?

The lists are packed once a night (1 am CET/CEST) and transferred to the server. Therefore downloads more than once a day make no sense. You will get nothing new.
Some people prefer to download once a week or even once a month. How often you download depends on your requirements.

Why are some entries to the queuelist (list submissions) are pending for several days sometimes weeks, while other are treated within 24 hours?

All submissions to the webform are viewed manually. Some entries are easily verified. Some sites are not always accessible. In this case we try the sites several times before deciding if the submission will be accepted or rejected.
Additionally all submissions of registered users are treated with higher priority, so that entries can happen to stay a longer time in the pending status while we are busy with the submissions of the registered users.
In case of category proposals some hang a long time "in discussion". This is partly due to the subject/content of the proposed category partly to problems finding a good way to fill the new category and keep it uptodate and clean. In some cases this is not easy, especially when the entries are changing very fast (f.e. phishing sites are usually closed within 24 hours).

Do you really block sites without a licence?

Yes, we do. We don't block from the first attempt and we know that people need some testing with their scripts. But companies using our lists for several months without even asking about the licence are considered licence breakers and therefore we block them.
The block only affects the download of the blacklists.

Do you clean the lists?

Yes, we do. On the one hand we clean the lists by reported wrong or outdated entries. On the other we actively scan our blacklists for duplicates and dead domains. Every now and then you may find that several thousand entries are gone.

How can I use the blacklists with squid?

While squidGuard blocks entire domains when there is just one entry in the domains file with the domain in question, squid requires a leading "." to perform the same.
To prepare the blacklists for the usage with squid you have to add the leading dot to the domains, f.e:

cat domains | sed 's/^/./' >domains.new
mv domains.new domains

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